Friday, January 30, 2009

The idea is born

From a flurry of synaptic sympathies for writers on the run, in need of solitude and space, came the idea for the Nomadesk. Part of a larger exhibition of traveling carts that will take place in early 2009, the Nomadesk will provide nomadic opportunities for writers in Montreal, Canada.

Affixing a wheelchair to a desk with a typewriter, a small portable library, and a cup holder, the Nomadesk has everything a writer needs to expell the creative genius that awaits "the right moment"

Sites and Locations will be predetermined, but also available upon request.

Prestigious Residencies will last for 30 mins to 2 hours, with a coffee service provided, and will be accepted upon a 50 word explanation of why/how the Nomadesk Prestigious Residence will benefit you.

Pictures and Blueprints to come.